We maintain and modernize your RPG application

IBM RPG, originally known as Report Program Generator, is a programming language that has been used for many years in the IBM i-Series (formerly AS/400). Maintaining and modernizing IBM RPG programs is an important task in today's technological environment. Many companies still rely on these programs to process their business processes. It is therefore essential that these programs are regularly maintained and brought up to date to keep up with the constantly changing requirements and technologies.

The first step in maintaining and modernizing RPG programs is to analyse the current state of the code. This includes reviewing the program documentation to gain a better understanding of the functionality and business rules. Examining the source code itself is also essential to identify potential vulnerabilities or inefficient code areas.

Adding a user interface is another important aspect of modernizing RPG programs. Often, these programs are equipped with text-based user interfaces that are perceived as outdated by today's users. Integrating a modern user interface based on web technologies can significantly improve the usability and acceptance of your application.

With over 35 years of experience in IBM RPG programming, we offer you a professional service for maintaining and expanding your RPG programs. Thanks to our long-standing expertise in modernizing RPG applications with Java, we can also make your applications future-proof.

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