Yard Management System (YMS)
Bauer Software

Yard Management Software (YMS)

Keep track of your compound with the help of our Yard Management Software.

  • Tracking the movements of a vehicle across your yard
  • Adding services and holds
  • Managing stock and stock call-offs
  • Adding vehicles
  • Viewing captured damages + pictures
  • Managing restrictions
  • Sophisticated filters are available
  • Creation of evaluations and statistics
  • Displaying vehicle and delivery status
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
eLogistics 2.0 Logistics Software – re-imagined. We are happy to advise you!
Bauer Software

eLogistics 2.0 Logistics Software – re-imagined. We are happy to advise you!


All available vehicles, which are currently on the compound, are displayed in tabular form in the compound management. The status of each vehicle is immediately made clear by looking at the different status icons.

Overview 2

Most important vehicle data can be displayed and changed. This includes general data, the current delivery status, yard history including operating points, as well as damage and documents.

Adding services

Adding (stock) services is simple and straightforward. Based on several criteria, our system automatically checks which services are added for the vehicles' customer, including the billing information.

Creating a new vehicle

Manually creating vehicle orders has never been easier. Key information such as manufacturer, vehicle types and invoicing information can be selected via drop-down menus. All available from-and-to address information can be selected from our database or entered in free-text.

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