Driver App
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Driver App

With this app, your drivers can view and expertly manage their loads.

  • Let your drivers see the loads assigned to them
  • Step-by-step loading of vehicles
  • Load start is managed by the driver 
  • Viewing of loading list
  • Documentation at unloading (photo, signature)
  • eCMR
  • Tracking of the load by live location check
  • Mark load as finished on last unloading
  • All data visible in CIS (Customer Information System)
  • Also available for your third-party drivers (Sub-Contractors)
eLogistics 2.0 Logistics Software – re-imagined. We are happy to advise you!
Bauer Software

eLogistics 2.0 Logistics Software – re-imagined. We are happy to advise you!

Load overview

Every driver can see the loads assigned to them, split by started, confirmed and open loads.

Load info

By selecting a load, the driver can see all relevant load information. The vehicles to be loaded are displayed as well as all stations at which loading is required.

Vehicle damaged?

Is a vehicle unable to be loaded onto the truck, the driver can choose between several reasons and add this event to the vehicle in the app.


A drop down menu offers a selection of detailed areas of the car where the damage can be added against also lets you take pictures of the actual damaged parts.

Start load

After marking all vehicles as loaded, the load can be started in the app by the driver. Load planning will automatically be updated with the precise date and time of when the load was started.

Finish load

After a vehicle has been offloaded at the dealership, a picture of the vehicle can be taken as proof of delivery.
Additionally, any paperwork can be photographed as well.
By signing the load off, the delivery date is automatically updated in load planning.

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